Andrew Lucies, LMT

I’ve always been curious about natural systems and the way things work. As I grew up, this curiosity evolved into a passion for biology, human physiology, and for health and wellness in particular. Eventually it only made sense to align my career with this passion, and massage seemed like an especially resonant path to take. I love the immediacy of this work, the presence it both requires and fosters in my clients and myself. It is so deeply rewarding to feel the tissues of the body unwinding and releasing their tension, transmuting a state of "stuckness" into one of openness and freedom.


The bodywork that I do is a synthesis of multiple modalities including Swedish techniques, myofascial release and deep tissue massage. I don’t believe that massage is something I do to the clients I work with. Rather, it is an interaction - a two way co-creative communication with the tissues of the body. The muscles and connective tissue have their own intelligence and, in a sense, their own language. It is in meeting the tissues where they are and approaching them on their own terms that the deepest change is fostered. The best massage therapy simply holds up a mirror, and the body marshals its own immense inborn intelligence for healing and transformation.


There is a commonly held idea that therapeutic massage and relaxation massage are basically separate endeavors. I don’t subscribe to this idea at all. In fact, relaxation in itself is deeply therapeutic. This has been proven by scientific studies - not to mention the direct experience of countless massage clients, meditators, and sauna goers. At the same time, therapeutic massage can often be quite relaxing, even while effectively addressing painful restrictions in specific problem areas. In my practice I strive to unite relaxation with a targeted therapeutic approach to whatever degree is possible given the goals and preferences of each of my clients.


(a picture of Andrew is coming soon, stay tuned!)